Vision Board Parties

What we offer:

Big Girl Interrupted helps women develop and create goals for themselves by asking What is interrupting your life? Through the creation of vision boards and the support of your consultant.

We offer the option to work One on One with a vision board consultant for a more detailed roadmap to success.

Big Girl Interrupted is proud to carry a fantastic Apparel Line where with every purchase you have exclusive access to our private online community, here you will find women supporting each other in their journey to un-interrupt their lives and achieve success.


Our vision board consultants will help you in hosting a vision board party at your home, office, party room, restaurant, or any venue you like. We supply all the materials you will need to create your vision board and even help you develop and expand your goals.


You can book online at or by emailing and a vision board consultants would be glad to help you. 


Big Girl Interrupted is dedicated to helping women understand and create a vision they want to see, live and achieve for success.  

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